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A selection of my in progress and finished work:

Respond WordPress Theme

Respond, the wordpress theme you can see running on this blog.

This is a fully skinned wp-theme which required editing PHP and understanding the wordpress platform. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information to help developers who want to work with wordpress, not least the codex


jabbr chat app

An ajax-based chat app, styled with CSS3

When the user hits the send button, a javascript function sends the message to the server where the last 20 or so lines are stored in a MySQL database. The server is regularly polled for any new entries to the database, updating it automatically
timesheets system

A timesheet app built with MySQL & PHP

The idea behind this was to solve a problem encountered at work where our timesheets which were manually filled out by us and then entered into a spreadsheet were often copied wrongly and also done so at the time expense of our office admin. By automating this, we are able to save time and money.


29 Mar 2014

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