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Working on large projects and keeping track of changes to source between multiple contributors is a problem that has been fully solved with solutions like SVN, CVS BitKeeper and Git.

While they all offer a broadly similar solution of keeping track of code changes and revisions, they differ greatly in implementation. BitKeeper which was originally offered free for the Linux Kernel development is a distributed revision control system. This means that many contributors can work on the source concurrently, exchanging patches of updates, as opposed to a centralised system where there is a client-server relationship as in SVN or CVS.

Git is the open-source competitor to BitKeeper which has been widely adopted by the professional software development community.

As part of my timesheet system, I am developing a calendar plugin for jquery. This will be updated from github: www.github.com/a2wd/jquery-calendar

01 Mar 2014git / github / source version control / svn

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