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NATO Phonetic Alphabet Reference

This is a little project in javascript to convert words to the NATO phonetic alphabet. To use it, simply type words (or just letters) in the box below.

The idea for this project came when I was on the phone to some customer services department and had to spell my surname the line was crackly and I had to resort to saying things like ‘P for …Potato?”, I thought it would be handy to have an easy reference for this kind of thing.

Text to convert:

Result: Loading…

An earlier version achieved this with jQuery but I didn’t believe it was totally necessary so you can now find this revised version with vanilla javascript

document.getElementById('in').onkeyup = function(){ var output = ""; if(this.value !== "") { var w = this.value.toUpperCase(); for(i=0;i=65) && (x

11 Oct 2013alphabet / javascript / nato / reference