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That 300ms lag on mobile

Fastclick.js An easy-win to improve UX responsiveness in mobile browsers Fastclick.js | https://github.com/ftlabs/fastclick In mobile browsers, there is a perceptible 300ms delay between tapping and the click event firing. This is to allow for double-tapping and lends non-native apps a sluggish feel. The financial times developed a solution to this problem, fastclick.js. This javascript places […]

08 May 2015javascript / mobile

Node.js: server side JavaScript

Node.js is a good web framework, especially when looking to build hugely-scalable applications that require little computation resources (think chat app or stock tracking for an entire stock exchange). Node.js is a server side scripting platform in the JavaScript language. Learning it is also a good way to brush up on vanilla JavaScript. You’ll become much better at […]

26 Nov 2014javascript / Node.js

The Mandelbrot Fractal

Introduction I have just finished CS50x, Harvard’s online computer science offering. For my final project, I implemented a zoomable rendering of the Mandelbrot fractal, in Javascript, using the HTML5 canvas element. The github repository is accessible at github.com/a2wd/mandelbrot A live demonstration can be found at the attached github page, a2wd.github.io/mandelbrot   Research Fractals are fascinating […]

10 Aug 2014CS50 / Fractals / javascript / Mandelbrot

Do I need jQuery?

Having recently made an update to my respond theme for wordpress, I wanted to implement a mobile-targeted menu, taking into account that hover doesn’t work on smartphones and tablets. The two main options are an always-open menu or something triggered with javascript, whether that be a select field, a dropdown or a slider. Adopting a […]

29 Mar 2014javascript / jQuery / menu / mobile

NATO Phonetic Alphabet Reference

This is a little project in javascript to convert words to the NATO phonetic alphabet. To use it, simply type words (or just letters) in the box below. The idea for this project came when I was on the phone to some customer services department and had to spell my surname the line was crackly […]

11 Oct 2013alphabet / javascript / nato / reference

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