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Node.js: server side JavaScript

Node.js is a good web framework, especially when looking to build hugely-scalable applications that require little computation resources (think chat app or stock tracking for an entire stock exchange).

Node.js is a server side scripting platform in the JavaScript language. Learning it is also a good way to brush up on vanilla JavaScript. You’ll become much better at closures, IIFEs, anonymous functions, scope & much more.

For instance, if you’ve ever asked yourself “should I use semicolons in Javascript?”, the answer is here: http://inimino.org/~inimino/blog/javascript_semicolons alternatively if you don’t only want to eat curry, then a great deal can be learnt about currying functions: http://tech.pro/tutorial/2011/functional-javascript-part-4-function-currying.

A good hands on primer is the Workshop-format “Learnyounode” which you can get with the node package manager (NPM): http://nodeschool.io/#workshoppers

Happy node-ing!

26 Nov 2014javascript / Node.js

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