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The need for responsive design

This website is responsive. There is one version of the content and depending on the size of your screen, it will render differently. If you’re browsing on a pc, try it now – stretch and shrink the width.

This is the future of the web and it’s a good thing.

As a web designer it’s important to consider your audience and how they’ll be accessing your site.  Last year (2013), 15% of internet users were accessing the web from mobile devices, according to a report published by consultancy KPCB.

Mobile internet access will rise and as cheaper phones and networks allow more citiens of developing countries to access the internet on mobile, this trend will become exaggerated.

Mobile design is important because the experience on a phone or tablet is so different from the desktop where a mouse and keyboard are to hand. The Mashable article linked to below highlights a number of ideas to follow but I think the key to building a good design is for a rapid testing-feedback loop and trying out the site on as many different devices as possible.

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11 Jan 2014design / mobile / responsive

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