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That 300ms lag on mobile

Fastclick.js An easy-win to improve UX responsiveness in mobile browsers Fastclick.js | https://github.com/ftlabs/fastclick In mobile browsers, there is a perceptible 300ms delay between tapping and the click event firing. This is to allow for double-tapping and lends non-native apps a sluggish feel. The financial times developed a solution to this problem, fastclick.js. This javascript places […]

08 May 2015javascript / mobile

Do I need jQuery?

Having recently made an update to my respond theme for wordpress, I wanted to implement a mobile-targeted menu, taking into account that hover doesn’t work on smartphones and tablets. The two main options are an always-open menu or something triggered with javascript, whether that be a select field, a dropdown or a slider. Adopting a […]

29 Mar 2014javascript / jQuery / menu / mobile

The need for responsive design

This website is responsive. There is one version of the content and depending on the size of your screen, it will render differently. If you’re browsing on a pc, try it now – stretch and shrink the width. This is the future of the web and it’s a good thing. As a web designer it’s […]

11 Jan 2014design / mobile / responsive

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